Vote on Tuesday, February 2, for District 19 Special Election Primary

Early voting ended at 2pm Sunday 1/31.

Tuesday is your last chance to make a difference and turn out for your candidate. You can only vote in the primary if you are registered as a Democrat or Republican.

The polls are open from 7am – 7pm on Tuesday. Precinct and polling locations can be found here. Also checkout polling location changes to ensure that you are going to the correct place here!

 For more information contact the Supervisor of Elections at (561) 656-6200 or go to the PBC Supervisor of Elections website.

Palm Beach Post Endorses Ted Deutch (Oh – and Joe Budd too)

In the typically insulting way that the Palm Beach Post treats conservatives everywhere, the primary endorsement of the editorial board starts:

“After the party’s upset Senate victory in Massachusetts, Republicans got so giddy as to wonder whether — even though party registration is 2-to-1 against them — they could win the congressional seat held since 1996 by Democrat Robert Wexler.

Unfortunately for the GOP, the two best candidates in Tuesday’s primary are Democrats. Among the three Republicans, by process of elimination, The Post recommends Joe Budd.”

Read the the whole sorry article HERE.

What do you think of Florida’s new High Speed Rail?

Florida High Speed Rail




Here are some facts (as found on google and calculated) 

$1,250,000,000.00      Hi Speed Rail System  
330    Miles between Orlando and Tampa, Orlando and Miami (via Cocoa Beach)
$3,787,878.79   Cost per Mile  
18,300,000   Florida’s Population in 2009  
$68.31 Cost Per Resident  
80,000,000 Est. Annual Visitors  
$15.63  Cost Per Visitor  

Donna from Manatee County sends the Donna from Manatee asked the following:

Do you remember?

In 2004 The state of Florida asked the citizens to vote on whether not to fund the proposed high speed rail project that the President Obama plans on implementing on our behalf.


THIS IS THE LAW OF FLORIDA.  Please go to the following Florida state website to see the actual outcome.

If Governor Crist accepts the federal funding to start the project, he is – without authority of the citizens – superseding the 4,519,423 voters ( in a landslide – 64% of Florida) who repealed the law.

What legal authority does he have?  Do you know?  I would like to know why would we vote if our leaders can ignore us?

America Rising – Powerful Video

America Rising

It’s time to take our country back.

Convential Wisdom in the District 19 Race

The Sun-Sentinel is running a story today by political writer Anthony Man which suggests that the coronation of Ted Deutch is practically assured, barring a “politically cataclysmic surprise”.

He points out the lack of experience of the Republican candidates, and the popularity of Ted Deutch whose State Senate district 30 contains more than half of the registered voters in CD19. He argues that just about every Democrat politician and interest group in the area has endorsed Deutch.

Read the full story HERE.

What is missing from the article is any more than a cursory mention of Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts – something he considers a fluke. Since on the national level, the spin machine is cranked up to paint that win as “anger against 8 years of George W. Bush”, we should not expect any better understanding on the local level.

It is a long shot for sure, but there are several things that could favor a Deutch opponent:

1. Ted Deutch can be defeated in this district with only 25% Republicans if he is effectively tied to the Obama Agenda – something as unpopular here as it was in Massachusetts. In particular, the Obama attack on Medicare should be driven home with 53% of the voters being over the age of 56.

2. Turnout in a special election can be expected to be low. Effective grass roots get-out-the-vote efforts can help swing this factor in our favor, but the other side knows this too and the Democrat strongholds like Century Village are easier to mobilize than the suburbs. A large volunteer force that has put aside its primary differences and united behind a nationalized message will be needed to make a difference.

3. The Democrat has a large advantage in fund raising and name recognition. When the primary is over though, the Republican candidate may be able to tap a nation-wide pool of resources, much like Brown and Hoffman. This is definitely a race where the national grass roots networks can make a difference.

If any of the Republican candidates appear at our lunch meeting on 1/27, we should ask them for their own assessment of this article and what their strategy will be to overcome the disadvantages in party identification and campaign cash. If not, there is an opportunity to see them in a Town Hall format at the 9-12 Project event in Wellington that evening.

Article by Kimberly Mitchell in 1/24/10 Sun-Sentinel

Kimberly Mitchell, West Palm Beach City Commissioner and daughter of our club’s 2nd VP Anita Mitchell, has a cover page article/opinion piece in the Outlook section of today’s Sunday Sun-Sentinel. Congratulations Kimberly!

Entitled: Promising program to battle issues facing children living in poverty getting a start in West Palm Beach  Harlem’s “Children’s Zone” tackles issues block-by-block  the article begins with:

When a child’s eyes open for the first time, the future is bright and filled with promise. But for children in the impoverished parts of our communities, that future is often diminished by the time they take their first steps.

All too often, it is a life that begins with a teenage mother and, sometimes, a 35-year old grandmother. Poorly educated, under-employed and facing an uncertain future — these parents often do not know how to raise a child.

The entire article can be found here.

January 27 – Inaugural Evening Meeting (Duffy’s)

For our friends who cannot make lunch,


In 2010, we begin a new era (as in the new era when we take back our Congress). Come meet our SURPRISE, SPECIAL GUEST.

Wednesday, January 27th
5:30 pm Meet & Greet
6:00 pm Program Begins

Duffy’s Sports Bar (Private Room)
701 Village Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL

$5 Members / $5 Guests

RSVP by noon Mon., Jan 25
(561) 697-4911-BA Starkey
or E-mail:

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January 27 Club Meeting – Guest Former Florida Senator Curt Kiser

Jan 27 Curt Kiser – History GOP (Bear Lakes CC)

Former Florida Senator Curt Kiser
General Counsel,
Florida Public Service Commission
(former Gen. Counsel to Gov. Claude Kirk; & champion of environmental concerns with Theodore Roosevelt Society and Governor’s Commission on the Everglades)

TOPIC: Perspective of the history of Florida’s Republican Party and the Legislature; how we got where we are today.

Wednesday, January 27th
11:30 am Meet & Greet
12:00 pm Program Begins

Bear Lakes Country Club
1901 Village Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL

$20 Members / $25 Guests
Complimentary Valet

Please No Jeans and No Cell Phones

RSVP by noon Mon., Jan 25
(561) 697-4911-BA Starkey
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Sid Dinerstein’s Letter to Editor Rejected

Chairman Dinerstein pinned a  letter to the Palm Beach Post which was promptly rejected.  I think it hit too close to home for Mr. Schultz!

To the editor:

Your editorial of January 20, A Clear-Eyed Look At Obama, needs a new pair of glasses. President Obama is the earliest lame duck president in American history, and deservedly so. Multi trillion dollar annual deficits may get kudos at the Post, but it’s frightening to our children. Rationed health care may be acceptable to your editors, but it’s a price too steep for our Seniors. The Stimulus was a job killer for all but your editorial writers and the beneficiaries at ACORN, unions and other free riders.

Chicago politics is no substitute for the Constitution of the United States of America. President Obama has failed because he uses appointed Czars rather than confirmed Cabinet Secretaries, secrecy rather than transparency, threats rather than compromise and apologies rather than boasts for America, the world’s last, great hope.

The voters of Massachusetts became America’s proxy in asking: “Can you hear me NOW?” Your editorial board remains an enabler for a President who is too smart to listen and too elitist to care. President Obama came with no experience, and it shows. The Post, on the other hand, should know better.

Sid Dinerstein


Republican Party of

Palm Beach County

American Democracy at its BEST!

The January 19th VICTORY in Massachusetts is a loud thunderous ROAR from the people.  I am reminded, thankfully so, by friends, colleagues and fellow business professionals about the feelings, opinions and determination from the LEFT side of the aisle as well as the RIGHT.

As we venture into the 2010 political arena, let us focus on the ISSUES.

On February 2nd South Florida will be gain national attention as we hold a special election for US Representative for Dist 19.  There are THREE candidates for the Republican Party.  They each want our vote, our time and our dollars.  April 13th is the General Election.  Get to know them and their stand on the ISSUES.

Serious times are before us.  Each Member of Congress matters just as much if not more than the Presidential elections.  I encourage each of you to get to know the Candidates.  Each Candidate has been invited to our Club’s January 27th lunch and evening meetings – AND each candidate has been asked, “should you be victorious – would you be our KEYNOTE Speaker for February 24th?”

The world is listening.  I received this via Facebook:  “Mass. is a state that represents 2.11% of the US population, and the election had 40% turnout. So, if everyone in Mass. was registered to vote, which is obviously not the case, 0.84% of the population made this decision. And, most ironically, they’re the only state with healthcare.”  I applaud the sender for sharing (although I left off her opinion); and I applaud the State of Massachusetts for TWO reasons:  1) having policy to provide for its own and 2) sending the message to the rest of the nation.

I don’t want to interpret what each person’s motivation was when they went to the Massachusetts’ polls yesterday – but the message to me was LOUD AND CLEAR— We need Legislation that works without increasing the deficit – and legislators that will listen to their constituents.

I close with this—National attention is coming to South Florida.  The issues are emotional for many.  My personal opinion is that the health care bills in their present forms do too much at once – with too many earmarks.


In your service,


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