Florida Senate 27 Interviews

Florida Senate District 27 stretches across the state and contains portions of Palm Beach, Hendry, Glades, Charlotte, and Lee counties. On the west coast, the Naples Daily News recently interviewed each of the candidates in the Republican primary and videotaped the results. Click HERE for the Mike Lameyer video. The Sharon Merchant and Lizbeth Benacquisto videos can also be found as links from that page.

Time Running out for Palm Beach Gardens City Council Term Limits Amendment

UPDATE – If you know people who live in Palm Beach Gardens – please spread the word.  If anyone wants to call/walk to collect petitions, please contact Rob Palladino via the website link below.

There is always a continuing pro/con debate about term limits for any office. Ideally – people can vote their officials out. But in practice – once an incumbent, always an incumbent – unless accused of some gross malfeasance – and not even then! A group of concerned citizens is trying to get enough petitions signed by Garden’s residents to get this on the ballot in November. See their website here.

If you live in PBG and want to let the people decide whether to institute term limits or not – please print out the petition (on plain white paper) and send it in!

Bill McCollum Highlights a special RCPB Friday luncheon

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum was the headliner for a special Friday RCPB luncheon.  We had a full house as we enjoyed an excellent, served luncheon, which allowed us to keep our attention on our speakers and minimize moving around.

Melissa Andrews, club President, kicked-off the meeting – informing us that AG McCollum was running a little late, but that we’d start with club business.  David Donnally led us in the Invocation and Pledge of Allegience.  He was followed by Lou Galterio, who sang the National Anthem.
Kimberly Mitchell, West Palm Beach City Commissioner made some initial comments and introduced Ellyn Bogdanoff (FL Representative, District 91), candidate for FL Senate 25.  Ellyn spoke about accomplishments in Tallahassee and the difficult challenges for the following year.  Anita Mitchell, club 2nd Vice President, then told us of her long time support of Bill McCollum and welcomed him to the podium.

(Story continues below the pictures.)

McCollum, candidate for Fl Governor, addressed several issues, including Florida’s lawsuit against the Healthcare law (based on two primary issues: using the commerce clause to force individual mandates, and adding additional people to the Medicaid roles without state control).  He segued to the business environment and how we have to make the Florida business and tax environment a draw for attracting new types of businesses.  He then tied Education into the mix – stressing the need for merit pay for teachers, some way of phasing out tenure and measuring progress.  Continuing education for science and technical education was a must.  Bill McCollum also addressed the status of the campaign – directly confronting the issues he has with his primary opponent, Rick Scott.  He took one question from the audience on the issue of states’ rights vs the federal government which are key to both his suit on Healthcare as well as his stance in joining Michigan, along with several other, in support of Arizona’s immigration bill.

Next, the general call for candidates brought out Sherry Lee (candidate for PBC Commission District 2), Joe Budd (candidate for US Congress District 19), Tami Donnally (candidate for FL House 85), Albert Key (candidate for FL House 84), and Nancy Cardone (candidate for FL House 83).   Starla Brown won our drawing for the South Florida Golf Card – congratulations, Starla!  And Lou Galterio closed the meeting with his rendition of “I’m Proud to be an American’.

Reminder – this is our last meeting prior to the primary elections on 8/24!  Please work for the candidates you support in any way that you can.

AG Bill McCollum – Keynote Speaker at our 7/16 Luncheon!

Attorney General Bill McCollum, Candidate for Governor


Hon. Ellyn Bogdanoff, Candidate for FL Senate (Dist. 25)

WHERE: Bear Lakes Country Club, 1901 Village Blvd, West Palm Beach

BLCC Policy: Business Casual Dress (No Jeans); Please Silence Cell Phones,


Friday, July 16; 11:30 Gathering; Lunch and Program at noon


COST $25 Members

 $30 Guests

 Complimentary Valet

RSVP by Wednesday, July 14 NOON — 561-697-4911 or email:


Action Center Grand Opening


Video from the Senate Debate

Video by Boris Balaban

Click here for video of the post-debate candidate introductions.



Shannon Armstrong


Candidates Intro.

Question 1 Immigration

Question2 State’s Rights

Question 3 Transportation

Question 4 Amendments

Question 5 Education

Question 6 Spending_Taxes part 1 and 2

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