Salute to Veterans and Silent Auction Nov 10

RCPB Veterans Salute Invitation

RCPB Veterans Salute InvitationSave Nov 10 as we Salute our Veterans with Special Guest, Lt. Col. Allen West  at Bear Lakes Country Club at 5:30 p.m.

You won’t want to miss the incredible voice of local artist, Madison Marie McIntosh, accompanied by Dominic Raffa.

The SILENT AUCTION proceeds will be used for our scholarships awarded in the spring.

Here are SOME of the attractions:

1.  Wine Tasting in Your Home for 12;  value:  $250

2.  Enjoy a 3/3 Mountain Chalet, Hayesville, NC; value $1200

3.   Pucker up for Chocolate Wine Basket from Holland; value $50.00

4. Dine in style at  one of the Rooney Family Restaurants;

5.  Official gavel used by Speaker Gingrich, value: priceless

Call 697-4911 to reserve your space or to donate something for the auction.

Justin Sayfie – Hot Off The Press

“Hot Off the Press”sayfiereview_logo

11:30 Meet & Greet
12:00 Program Begins 
$20 Member
$25 Guest
Bear Lakes Country Club
1901 Village Blvd
West Palm Beach, FL  33409
MUST RSVP 561-697-4911 or


          President and CEO of Sayfie Media, Justin formerly served as Communications Director, Chief Speechwriter and Senior Policy Advisor to Governor Jeb Bush.

Mr. Sayfie founded SayfieReview, an award-winning, online publication focused on Florida politics, was voted the best political blog  for the State of Florida by the readers of the Washington Post on line. Business and political leaders from all over the State start their day with SayfieReview.

Republican Exec Committee NOTES Oct 13

REC presented a video of Jack Furnari’s voting picks for 2010.

Senator George LeMieux was introduced as a ROCK SOLID CONSERTATIVE with this last report to REC prior to leaving the US Senate on Dec 31, 2010.

His friend, Senator George Voinovich told him on the first day this would be the most important 16 months in history because what made our country great is slipping away.

LeMieux felt has was showing up at the Alamo when they fought for 23 days straight against the health care bill.

He is endorsing Marco Rubio wholeheartedly.

He was SHOCKED at the misspending which is FAR WORSE than people know.

Debt service is $200 B / yr and will be $900B/yr by 2020.  The world will no longer buy our debt.


He wants to roll back to 2007, the last good economic year.  He believes our candidates should go to DC, do what is right and go home.


Our “war” does not end Nov 2, it goes to 2012 and 2014.  We must have a new president.  It’s possible the health care bill may not be able to be repealed because the man at the end  of PA Avenue has a PEN.


Ask seniors if they like the fact the Democrats took ½ Trillion dollars out of Medicare.


Some questions posed to the senator:.

— about scolding of AK Sen Lisa Murkowski.  Answer:  She was removed as Vice chair of Republican Policy council but as the lead Republican on Energy, that committee voted NOT to remove her.

—why can’t we have single issue legislation?  Answer:  We SHOULD.


He is passionate about cutting mMdicare fraud which is rampant in S FL.  1/7 of every $ is fraudulent.


Candidates each had time to address the members.  Ken Menard, Sherry Lee, Steve Rosenberg, Tami Donnally, Alisen Rampersad, Albert Key, Mike Lameyer for Rick Scott, Beth Kigel for Jennifer Carroll, a Bondi surrogate, Bernard Sansaricq reported that Newt Gingrich had endorsed him at 4:40 pm today, Joe Budd introduced his NEWEST VIDEO beginning Oct 15.


A video clip for Jeff Atwater was viewed about the fact  we are the same pioneering people of our forefathers and that a one size situation does not fit all.


Sid Dinerstein reminded  everyone our efforts will be rewarded Nov 2 with 39 plus in the HOUSE which means they can DEFUND programs.  OUR OBLIGATION EXTENDS BEYOND JUST VOTING.  WE MUST MAKE THOSE CALLS AND WORK OUR PRECINCTS.


Reminder of the next Governor DEBATE:  Oct 20 and Oct 25.

Be a Poll-Watcher and help all of the candidates

Some definitions first – since campaigns throw out a lot of terms that may not be ‘technically’ accurate 😉

Poll Workers are the people who check you in at the polling place; they are paid by the Supervisor of Elections, trained and work the polls from before opening until after the polls close. It is a volunteer job with minimal pay for hours worked. It is also too late to apply for a position.

Poll Watchers are unpaid volunteers who are trained in how the poll operations work. They are observers who work part or all of election day inside the polling location – looking for anything that may be ‘fishy’. They work to ensure that all Florida Election Laws and Procedures are followied to ensure fair and unbiased election without the presence of fraud. A few examples could include – a non-zero vote count at the start of election day, failure to check ID when checking in voters, letting people with some kind of issue (eg wrong precinct, invalid id) vote instead of creating a provisional ballot, etc. While generally there may be a poll-watcher from each political party, technically, each candidate can have his/her own poll-watcher at each voting location. Poll Watchers fill out an application and must be approved as valid Palm Beach County voters/poll-watchers prior to Election Day.

Often candidates will use the term poll-watchers or poll-workers for volunteers who wave their candidates’ signs or hand out materials at the voting locations on Election Day. That is another way you can help a specific set of candidates – but it is neither poll-working or poll-watching.

The Republican Party of Palm Beach County and the Allen West Campaign are seeking Poll Watchers for Election Day. The deadline to submit your application is Monday, October 18th!!

To apply for the GOP poll-watching position – fill out the application: EDO commitment form and then fax it to the number at the bottom of the application. To apply for the Allen West Campaign poll-watching position – fill out the Allen West Poll-Watcher Application and then either email the information to Sue Snowden (email address on the application), call her with the information or fax it to the Allen West Campaign at 954-571-7833.

Note: While sometime you may work at your own voting location – many times you will be asked to poll-watch at a location where there have been difficulties in the past.

Support Allen West and Joe Budd at Voters’ Coalition Meeting on Thurs 10/7

Support Allen West and Joe Budd at the next Voters’ Coalition Meeting at South County Civic Center on Thursday 10/7 at 1pm (South County Civic Center, 16700 Jog Road, Delray Beach).

Here is the Palm Beach Post article.

Sherry Lee Republican Candidate for CC District 2 is scheduled to speak at the meeting as well. Sherry has been endorsed by the Voters’ Coalition.

Watch Marco Rubio debate Kendrick Meek and Charlie Crist on 10/6 at 7pm

George Stephanopoulus is co-moderating at ABC’s Orlando and Tampa affiliates. The debate will be broadcast on WPBF (ABC) locally.  It can also be streamed live on and

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You can also submit questions.

More details can be found here.

For those who want to attend the GOP Debate watching party – there will be one at the GOP Action Center on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. – reservations required. Please RSVP with Genessa Casanova at (305) 479-8719 or by email: for more information.