Immigration Town Hall with Rep. Bill Snyder


Please mark your calendar

Morgade Library – Salerno Road
5851 SE Community Drive
Stuart, Florida 34997
Wednesday – February 2, 2011
6 PM

Have you had the opportunity to hear Representative Bill Snyder speak on his upcoming immigration bill?

Do you have questions about the pending immigration legislation currently under discussion in the Florida Legislature?

If you want to know more and have questions, then this is a meeting you don’t want to miss.

Representative Snyder will discuss his proposed bill in detail at this meeting.

Join us for an informative, non-partisan program at the Morgade Library, Salerno Road, 6PM, Wednesday, February 2, 2011.

In order to ensure that as many folks as possible have their questions answered, we ask that you submit your questions in writing at the beginning of the meeting if possible. We will supply you with pen and paper.

Free of charge and open to the public.


Friends and Patriots at the last debate in
Palm City we were out numbered 5 to 1.
Rep. Snyder needs our support!!
PS: The last event was standing room only.
Supporters who arrived late were left standing outside.
Please get there early so the naysayers are left outside.

Call To Action – Prevent the Weakening of the PBC Inspector General


The representatives of the municipalities on the Inspector General (IG) Drafting Committee are balking at the oversight role of the IG. The municipalities are saying that we, the voters, didn’t understand what we were voting for and that we simply didn’t want ‘pay to play’ activities by our elected officials. They are attempting to weaken the scope of the IG, saying that the IG should not be able to review and report on mismanagement or inefficiencies or to second guess the municipalities’ decisions in any way – when it is precisely those types of decisions that can ‘waste’ the tax-payers dollars.


1 – Attend the Wednesday, February 9th meeting at 2pm at the Vista Center, Vista Center Hearing Room, 2300 N. Jog Rd (just northeast of Okeechobee Rd) – listen to the discussion politely, and when there’s time for public comment, please state that: you as a voter knew what you were voting for and that you believe that the ‘independent oversight of local government operations” is key to the IG’s role.

It is important that we have a large turnout at this meeting. Please make every effort to attend in person.

2 – Send emails to the drafting committee members stating that you support the scope of the IG as described in the original ordinance to “detect misconduct involving abuse, corruption, fraud, waste, inefficiencies and mismanagement” and that the same scope must now apply to the municipalities. The email addresses are:


David Baker
David Aronberg – Committee Vice Chair
Donna Raney – County Attorney’s office


Kurt Bressner – Committee Chair
Michael Bornstein
Trela White – League of Cities Attorney


Sheryl Steckler – Inspector General

3 – “like” the Vote Yes on Ethics facebook page ( so that you can see future action alerts or go to

4 – Send an email to with “I want independent oversight of local government” in the subject line.


In 2009 many of you worked very hard to see that an independent Inspector General was put in place for Palm Beach County, as well as Ethics Ordinances.. You stood up at County Commission meetings, you signed petitions, and you saw the Inspector General’s office get implemented. Then in November 2010 the people voted. An overwhelming 72% of voters wanted these ordinances and for the Inspector General’s scope to apply to all of the municipalities in the county.

The Charter Amendment called for a drafting committee consisting of representatives from both the League of Cities and the County, in equal representation plus the Inspector General for the IG Drafting Committee, and the Executive Director of the Ethics Commission for the Ethics Drafting Committee. The role of the IG committee is to write a new ordinance, using the original as a basis to incorporate the municipalities.

The Charter Amendment (, in Section 8.3, defined the role of the Inspector General:

“The county shall, by ordinance, establish an Office of the Inspector General to provide independent oversight of publicly funded transactions, projects, and other local government operations”

The original IG ordinance (2009.049 – Sec. 2.422), stated that the office of the Inspector General was to “detect misconduct involving abuse, corruption, fraud, waste, inefficiencies, and mismanagement by elected and appointed county officials and employees, county agencies and instrumentalities, contractors, and other parties doing business with the county and/or receiving county funds.”

The IG ordinance drafting committee has spent 3 meetings now debating the wording of the Inspector General’s scope. The next meeting is to be held on February 9, 2011 at 2pm.

State of the State with PBC Chairman, Sid Dinerstein

            The Republican Club of the Palm Beaches kicked off 2011 with our first meeting on January 26th with a group of enthusiastic members and their guests.  It was great to see so many people staying involved in our local, state and national politics.

            We were honored to be joined at our first meeting by local candidate, George Carter, running for Mayor of Riviera Beach.  A graduate of Riviera Beach High School and Barry University, Carter served as director of the Riviera Beach Municipal Marina from 1990-2006.  Since that time Carter has served as president of the Riviera Beach Maritime Academy.

            Several of our members had an opportunity to speak with Carter who firmly believes in the economic growth of Rivera Beach, and the importance of educating our youth.  Carter is working with Enid Atwater in coordinating his candidacy, and he is currently seeking volunteers for all aspects of the campaign.  You can sign-up to help at  The election will be held Tuesday, March 8, 2011.

            Our guest speaker for the day was Sid Dinerstein, Chairman of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County.  Sid spoke about the results and statistics from the 2010 election cycle, and gave a preview to the upcoming Presidential race.  He commented on our new Florida state legislature and governor, and noted that this group will be closely watched by all as Florida brings forth its legislative agenda.

            Sid also reminded everyone of the upcoming Lincoln Day Dinner on February 24th which serves as the Republican Party of Palm Beach County’s principal fundraiser.  If you have not yet purchased your tickets, please do so as RCPB has tables at the event.

            We were fortunate to have several books as door prizes donated by Col. Arthur DeRuve and several members and guests were the lucky recipients in our drawing.

            We look forward to a great year as we round the corner on to 2012, and many thanks to all the members who brought guests to our meeting.

Join RCPB for Lincoln Day Dinner

Call Bette Anne to reserve your seat with RCPB  561-804-4591