County Chairman’s Thoughts on Past and Future

Ira Sabin

“We got beat bad”. This sums up the message delivered by PBCGOP Chairman Ira Sabin at the RCPB February lunch.

Recapping the November election with a nod to the organization strengths of the Obama campaign and the shortcomings of our candidate, he listed what he saw as key reasons for the defeat of the GOP ticket.

Obama staffed his campaign 70% with tech people, many from Silicon valley and took their data operation to a new level. “We had Orca.”

They did an average of 56 polls a day in battleground states and had 16 million on their email list. Romney had 3 million and Orca.

(Note: Orca was the Romney campaign’s ill-fated voter tracking program that rolled out on election day without a stress test and promptly crashed and burned.)

Romney stood by and let him be defined as an out of touch rich guy who was waging a war on women. We let Obama’s “war on children” (eg. universal preschool, etc,) go without commment.

Although the GOP ticket picked up 4 points in the Jewish vote in PBC, we let the Hispanic and Black vote go where it did without contest. Romney captured a larger percentage of the white vote than McCain, but that is a declining advantage.

Assuming you buy this synopsis of defeat, which most in the audience did, his prescription for future success was sketchy.

He stressed expanding outreach in minority communities is a focus, but with 9% Hispanic and 13% Black voters in the county, a much smaller target than exists in Broward and Dade. Nothing was said about improving our local data operation, building precinct organizations that actually do something, or engaging the community on broader issues between elections. Facing the fact that PBC is a D+16 electorate and working within those constraints was not mentioned.

Candidate selection is a focus though, that is preventing willing candidates who aren’t viable from running. “There will be no primary in CD18″ he said. Of 8 people who wanted to run we told 7 of them NO”. “We can’t just let anyone run”.

Whether this will be sufficient to reverse our declining fortunes, we shall see.

PBCGOP Chair Ira Sabin Featured at February Meeting


Newly-Elected Chairman of the PB Republican Party, Ira Sabin
Chairman Sabin WILL CHART THE COURSE for Palm Beach County Republicans, sharing his insight on the future of the Republican Party in general; and will propose the many opportunities that exist to make a difference for our state and our nation for 2014.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
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Speaker: Former Senator George Lemieux