Senate President Haridopolis Highlights July Lunch

The July RCPB lunch featured Mike Haridopolis who was well received as President of the Senate, even if he has ended his Senate campaign.

As previously reported, he recognized that the importance of leading the FL Senate would require more time than allowed by being a candidate for US Senate. He vowed that he would not be running for any office while holding his present position.

Of interest to many in the group, he answered a question about the disposition of the E-Verify bill that did not pass the legislature, or even emerge from the Senate committees for a vote. This was the perfect segue into the fact that our club will present a program on Thurs. Oct 27 on the merits of E-verify with organizations and local businesses who are pro/con.

The event was attended by several new members who enjoyed the program enough to comment: “I am so impressed with your speakers and programs that I want to be a part of your club.”

Here’s a few pictures from Delia:

RCPB Welcomes Sen President Mike Haridopolois

haridopoloisPlease join RCPB on Wednesday, July 27th as we are joined by Senate President and US Senate Candidate Mike Haridopolois.  Mike is a conservative reformer who has transformed government in Florida. A graduate of Stetson University and the University of Arkansas, Mike has served in the Florida Legislature since 2000  with special introduction by RCPB Member, Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff.  

“I promise to stay true to the ideals and principles of our Founding Fathers in this campaign. I promise to be a spokesman for a Constitutional, conservative vision of our great nation. And I promise to speak out for ideas that can revitalize our economy by empowering individuals, not governments, and by preserving opportunity for families and innovators, and not power for bureaucrats and politicians” states Mike Haridopolois. 

Wednesday, July 27th
Bear Lakes Country Club
1901 Village Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL  33409
Members $20.00
Guests $25.00
Meet & Greet 11:30 am
Program Begins 12:00
RSVP: (561)804-4591 or
NOTE:  There will be NO lunch meeting in August.