Former Candidates Unify around Winners

Several months ago, during the heat of the primary election, all the Republican candidates for the county’s congressional districts were asked to attend our lunch this week, the day after the winner had been declared. We would congratulate the winners and commiserate with the losers, and all would have the chance to come together in unity to defeat the Democrats in the fall election.

The response was gratifying, as nine of the ten candidates for disticts 18, 20, and 22 attended, thanked their supporters, and said they would do their part to help defeat incumbents Patrick Murphy, Lois Frankel and Alcee Hastings. (Only Calvin Turnquest did not attend.)

From left: Paul Spain, Beverly Hires, Carl Domino, Fran Hancock, Alan Schlesinger, Nick Wukoson, David Wagie. Not shown: Jay Bonner, Andrea McGee

Carl Domino prevailed in district 18, receiving 38% of the vote in the district (47% in Palm Beach County). The other candidates whose campaigns in general had targeted Carl as the front-runner, split the remaining vote among themselves, suggesting it would have been a different race with fewer candidates. Coming in second was Alan Schlesinger with 24%, followed by Beverly Hires, Brian Lara, Calvin Turnquest and Nick Wukoson. Carl gave us his thoughts on the November contest, listing All Aboard Florida (he is opposed, whereas his opponent was “for it before he was against it”), Obamacare (will vote to repeal, but what is really needed is a replacement), and immigration as top issues.

In district 20, Jay Bonner, who did not have a primary opponent, laid out his challenge – that the district is 4 to 1 Democrat and designed to elect a minority candidate. His approach will be to attract voters with a faith agenda, bringing his message to the churches where the conventional Democrat positions on social issues are not strongly supported.

And in district 22, which spans Palm Beach and Broward Counties, Paul Spain was the winner, bringing in 43% of the vote against Andrea McGee (35%) and David Wagie (23%). Paul is ready to take it to Lois Frankel with his message of fiscal responsibility, opposition to Obamacare, and support for Israel.

Starting in September, the club will be picking a night for phonebanking at the GOP Victory Center. Details will follow.

Also in September, we will have Florida CFO Jeff Atwater on Friday, September 26 (note the day change), and in October we will have a session on the November ballot questions (3 state, 2 county, some local), with pro and con speakers and discussion on the issues. Join us!

Some pictures from the event:

  • Fran Hancock, Carl Domino, Larry Casey Fran Hancock, Carl Domino, Larry Casey
  • Delia Garcia, CD18 winner Carl Domino Delia Garcia, CD18 winner Carl Domino
  • David Wagie, Andrea McGee, Jay Bonner David Wagie, Andrea McGee, Jay Bonner
  • Jay Bonner Jay Bonner
  • Brian Lara Brian Lara
  • Nick Wukoson Nick Wukoson



One Response to “Former Candidates Unify around Winners”
  1. Fran Hancock says:

    So proud of all our great candidates, and especially proud of those who did not prevail at the ballot box, but came to show their support…Viva Republicans!! Fran

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