State and Local Ballot Questions at October Lunch

Medical marijuana, conservation lands, judicial appointments, school taxes and the Children’s Services Council – these are all topics about which you will be asked to decide on the November ballot.

Come to our October lunch for a description of the questions and their implications, along with speakers who will represent each side of the issues. We will have handouts, and an opportunity to mingle with the proponents/opponents and get your questions answered.

After a brief description of the ballot questions and the implications of a “yes” or “no” vote on each from moderator Fred Scheibl, we will have a set of speakers present their arguments in favor or opposed to some of the issues.

In favor of Amendment 2, Medical Marijuana, we will have Eric Stevens Finance Director for United for Care, a Florida PAC. Speaking against it will be Virginia Brooks of the PBC Faith and Freedom Coalition.

On the county questions, Thomas Weber, board member of the Children’s Services Council will speak in favor of the CSC reauthorization, with a rebuttal given by former GOP Chairman Sid Dinerstein.

Former County Commissioner Karen Marcus, a long-time supporter of the county school system will be on hand to support the continuation of the .25 mil special property tax for education in the arts, with Sid also providing the opposing view.

The 2014 ballot will not be as long and involved as that of 2012, but the questions are important. Join us and be informed!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Program Noon – 1PM, Buffet starts at 11:45AM
Bear Lakes Country Club
1901 Village Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

$20/Members $25/Guests

Pay at the door (RSVP “No Shows” will be invoiced.)

Make sure you submit your RSVP in advance by clicking on our link below:

or by emailing, or by calling 561-855-0749.
Please respect Club rules: Cell Phones Silenced, Business Casual Attire, Please No Jeans
Republican Club of the Palm Beaches
PO Box 2585
West Palm Beach, FL 33402
(561) 855-0749

Eric Stevens is the Finance director for United for Care and he has been working with the campaign since July of 2013. He received a scholarship from the University of Miami in 2009 to start his pursuit of bringing medical marijuana laws to the state of Florida. He has worked to help his home state of Massachusetts pass medical marijuana with 63% of the vote in November of 2012, and he also worked to get the city of Miami Beach to place a straw ballot question about medical marijuana before their voters in November 2013.
Virginia Brooks is a founder of the Palm Beach County Faith and Freedom Coalition. A proponent of traditional values, Virginia is active in many local grassroots organizations, including the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches. She retired from being an associate professor of English at Palm Beach State College, and is also an interpreter for the deaf at her church.
Thomas Weber, is the President/CEO of Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc. and a founding principal and President at Aquila Property Company, Inc. Mr. Weber previously served as chairman of the Education Foundation of Palm Beach and currently is a board member of the Education Foundation and the Junior Achievement of Palm Beach and Treasure Coast Board. He also was a member of the Business Development Board, the Education Commission and the Economic Council of Palm Beach County.
Sid Dinerstein was Chairman of the Palm Beach County GOP for 10 years until 2012 and remains very influential in local politics. Retired entrepreneur, author, radio host, a county spokesman for lower taxes and smaller budgets, Sid’s impact on Palm Beach County has been considerable.
Karen Marcus represented District 1 on the County Commission for 28 years until term-limited in 2012. A friend of the environment and mostly responsible for the parks and greenspace we enjoy in Palm Beach County, she has been active in many local issues since leaving office and has been a supporter of the county schools.

CFO Jeff Atwater at Joint Event

Co-sponsored by the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches and the Republican Club of the Northern Palm Beaches, on September 26, a full house of members and guests gave a very warm welcome home to Florida’s CFO and Cabinet Member Jeff Atwater. President Fran Hancock remarked in her introduction that she has watched him through high school and college, followed by his successful banking and political career.

CFO Atwater impressed the voters to think about the “Consequences of Change” quoting strong statistics to show how the state has improved the past 4 years under the governance of Rick Scott while declining under the previous administration.

Some of the examples he cited were in the housing market and job creation. i.e., when he was elected, unemployment was in the 10-11% range, and the average home price was $121,000. Unemployment has dropped to 6% and the average home price in Florida has increased to $185,000.

The CFO also pointed out that Florida was only one of 8 states to survive the recession and regain our AAA credit rating from Standard & Poors.


He also emphasized that money had not been the answer to improving Florida’s educational standards. In the 1990’s, with even more money being put into education, Florida slid into an educational abyss. FL was 45 out of 50 when 4th graders were tested. Governor Scott and the Republican legislature realized that more money was not the answer. Ideas and better outcomes were and getting parents involved in their children’s education and choices of charter schools, home schooling, and virtual education would make a difference.

The best news is that this year Florida has moved up to 5th in the country with 4th grade students reading at grade level.

Here are some pictures of the event:

  • Marilyn Parmet, Jeff Atwater, Linda Stoch Marilyn Parmet, Jeff Atwater, Linda Stoch
  • CFO Atwater and Linda Stoch CFO Atwater and Linda Stoch
  • Dr. Emma Banks, Jeff Atwater Dr. Emma Banks, Jeff Atwater
  • Richard Gore, Carol Hurst Richard Gore, Carol Hurst
  • Sue Varey, Jennifer Hunsinger Sue Varey, Jennifer Hunsinger
  • Jeff Atwater and Sid Dinerstein Jeff Atwater and Sid Dinerstein
  • Enid Atwater, Sid Dinerstein Enid Atwater, Sid Dinerstein
  • Marilyn Parmet and Carol Hurst Marilyn Parmet and Carol Hurst
  • Richard Shugarman, GOP Chair Anita Mitchell, Bette Anne Starkey, Fran Hancock Richard Shugarman, GOP Chair Anita Mitchell, Bette Anne Starkey, Fran Hancock
  • Evelyn Weicker, Connie Cestari and Nancy Hogan Evelyn Weicker, Connie Cestari and Nancy Hogan
  • Bette Anne Starkey Bette Anne Starkey
  • Uriah Ellis, Linda Stoch Uriah Ellis, Linda Stoch
  • Celia Guistolisi, Emmy Ogens and Mercedes Garcia Celia Guistolisi, Emmy Ogens and Mercedes Garcia


Phone Banking – Every Tuesday from Now to the Election

Come join your associates from the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches every Tuesday at the GOP Victory Center, and make calls for Rick Scott.

The race for Governor is expected to be very competitive, and Charlie Crist needs a big showing in Palm Beach, Broward and Dade to prevail – help Rick Scott take the fight to him on our home turf.

The GOP Victory Center is on the sixth floor of the Regions Building (4 floors up from GOP HQ) at 1555 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, Suite 650, and will be open from 10:00AM to 8:00PM. Light refreshments will be served.

To aid in scheduling, please contact Anita Carbone ( ) and let her know when you will be coming.