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Allen West Wraps up CPAC

Be a Poll-Watcher and help all of the candidates

Some definitions first – since campaigns throw out a lot of terms that may not be ‘technically’ accurate šŸ˜‰

Poll Workers are the people who check you in at the polling place; they are paid by the Supervisor of Elections, trained and work the polls from before opening until after the polls close. It is a volunteer job with minimal pay for hours worked. It is also too late to apply for a position.

Poll Watchers are unpaid volunteers who are trained in how the poll operations work. They are observers who work part or all of election day inside the polling location – looking for anything that may be ‘fishy’. They work to ensure that all Florida Election Laws and Procedures are followied to ensure fair and unbiased election without the presence of fraud. A few examples could include – a non-zero vote count at the start of election day, failure to check ID when checking in voters, letting people with some kind of issue (eg wrong precinct, invalid id) vote instead of creating a provisional ballot, etc. While generally there may be a poll-watcher from each political party, technically, each candidate can have his/her own poll-watcher at each voting location. Poll Watchers fill out an application and must be approved as valid Palm Beach County voters/poll-watchers prior to Election Day.

Often candidates will use the term poll-watchers or poll-workers for volunteers who wave their candidates’ signs or hand out materials at the voting locations on Election Day. That is another way you can help a specific set of candidates – but it is neither poll-working or poll-watching.

The Republican Party of Palm Beach County and the Allen West Campaign are seeking Poll Watchers for Election Day. The deadline to submit your application is Monday, October 18th!!

To apply for the GOP poll-watching position – fill out the application: EDO commitment form and then fax it to the number at the bottom of the application. To apply for the Allen West Campaign poll-watching position – fill out the Allen West Poll-Watcher Application and then either email the information to Sue Snowden (email address on the application), call her with the information or fax it to the Allen West Campaign at 954-571-7833.

Note: While sometime you may work at your own voting location – many times you will be asked to poll-watch at a location where there have been difficulties in the past.

Support Allen West and Joe Budd at Voters’ Coalition Meeting on Thurs 10/7

Support Allen West and Joe Budd at the next Voters’ Coalition Meeting at South County Civic Center on Thursday 10/7 at 1pm (South County Civic Center, 16700 Jog Road, Delray Beach).

Here is the Palm Beach Post article.

Sherry Lee RepublicanĀ Candidate for CC District 2 is scheduled to speak at the meeting as well. Sherry has been endorsed by the Voters’ Coalition.

Of Lambs and Lions

15 June 2010
By Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Retired)
Published by permission.

“I do not fear an army of lions if they are led by a lamb. I do fear an army of sheep if they are led by a lion”.
Alexander the Great

Greetings Wheels on the Road readers, fellow South Floridians, and indeed all Americans. It is time for our monthly political assessment and this one is rather personal. Last month we addressed what is at stake, and the response was the future of America. One of the factors affecting our Country right now relates to Alexander’s quote mentioned above.

Attorney General Eric Holder once lamented that America is a “nation of cowards”, that is far from the truth. The problem we have in America is that we are being led by lambs, by an effete ruling class elite. America is a nation of lions, warriors, but when we find ourselves being led by a cabal of weak, ineffective, and indecisive appeasers the result is evident.

Sure, the liberal progressives are dogged ideologues and tenacious poodles when it comes to nationalizing our production; healthcare, financial sector, energy sector, and automobile industry. They stand strong against the rule of law regarding illegal immigration. And there is no doubt no group will fight harder to redistribute wealth and turn America into a collective “balkanized” socialist Country.

However, what scares the liberals more than anything else is the “Warrior Class”. They abhor the men and women who find a commitment and conviction in believing in this Constitutional Republic and the principles which make America exceptional. This is a sentiment which over the past 30 days we witnessed being manifested from the highest office in our land, the President.

When Barack Hussein Obama made the decision to take a “vacation” back to Chicago rather than attend Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National cemetery that was a complete disregard and disrespect to those who gave the “last full measure of devotion”. I know, those who suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome are frothing and recounting that Pres GW Bush missed an Arlington ceremony….but he was at Normandy, a very appropriate place to be.

But it was not just the missing Memorial Day, it was also the lack of any recognition of the 66th anniversary of D-Day. It was the failure to address Flag Day which was also the 235th birthday of the US Army. Lastly, Obama’s refusal for the second year in a row to attend the “Gold Star Family” events clearly telegraphs his regard for our military does not go beyond photo opportunities.

The malignant narcissism of the President, and the liberal progressives, is laser focused on the disrespect and the destruction of the American Warrior class. They detest anyone who has the courage of conviction and love of America, something which they find unconscionable.

It starts with a national security strategy which refuses to address the enemy of our Nation, islamic totalitarianism and radical islamic state sponsored terrorism. We have sheep who are so oblivious to the threats to our security that the Obama administation’s terrorism expert, John Brennan, stated that “terrorism is a state of mind and jihadism is a legitimate tenet of Islam”. When at the highest levels we project a recalcitrance to confront our enemy, you only embolden them.

When an enemy is emboldened, such as this one, they launch a “humanitarian aid” flotilla which is nothing more than a cover to supply a terrorist organization, Hamas. When you have a Sovereign State seek to protect itself, and even institute insidious rules of engagement, and yet is condemned for protecting its warriors, we are upside down……we are being led by sheep. Nothing pleasures wolves more than fresh lamb meat, and we are serving that up at every instance.

This seemingly is not just an American phenomenon, but a worldwide epidemic. North Korea sinks a South Korean naval vessel and we ask for an apology. The international community demands that Israel apologize and submit to an investigation.

We have created rules of engagement in Afghanistan which allows the enemy every opportunity to kill our men and women. We have considered such horrible ideas such as an award for “courageous restraint”. We even allow former Taliban members who have attacked, and maybe even killed, our troops to be released from detainment based upon a “pledge” signed by their fathers and tribal leaders.

Yet, we have our own Warriors such a Army 1LT Michael Behenna serving a 15 year prison sentence for killing a known Al Qaeda operative who attacked him. Worse however, is the fact that exculpatory evidence in his case was withheld by the Army prosecutors who also withheld a key witness. There in the military prison at Ft Leavenworth sit 10 Army Soldiers while Taliban fighters are being released. We just witnessed some of our finest Warriors, US Navy SEALS, having to endure a courts-martial because they “punched” a terrorist.

That is why I will be heading to Ft Leavenworth in September to rally for the release of our Soldiers so that they can be reunited with their families. Those families who willingly sacrificed their loved ones, believing that they could be severely wounded, or even killed….but never imprisoned for doing what we ask Warriors to do.

In the past 30 days we watched the House of Representatives so concerned about the military that they just could not wait, and voted to repeal “Dont Ask Dont Tell”. This was done against the counsel of the Service Chiefs who asked for an opportunity to allow the men and women in uniform to offer their suggestions and insights. No, it is more important to have the military accomodate behavior rather than respect the professionalism of those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen.

We have seen the President nominate someone for Supreme Court justice who attacked the Solomon Amendment, allowing ROTC activities on our college campuses. We are willing to allow an Islamic victory tribute to be erected at Ground Zero in New York City because we have leaders who just cannot find the courage to stand….sheep.

We have a running gun battle occuring on our southern border but we allowed a foreign leader to demean our laws and attack a Governor of a sovereign American State.

There has never been a more critical time for our Republic and yet we find the worse possible individuals in control for this time. We have a Nation of men and women who embrace victory and detest the stench of defeat. However, all we get is more speeches, talk, empty rhetoric, and never an action plan….at least not an action plan which is commensurate with the foundational principles of America.

I stated earlier that this subject is personal to me and that is because of my story from Iraq in 2003. Yes, I fired my service 9mm over the head of a detainee to ensure my men were protected. Yes, I was removed from command and fined $5000. Yes, I withstood the attacks from the liberal sheep and will continue to do so because I am part of the Warrior class. I retired with Honor and remain a respected member of that group of men and women who feel pride when the National Anthem is played, and tear up at Taps.

When I look at Pelosi, Frank, Weiner, Clyburn, Klein, and Obama I see lambs, certainly not leaders. I see mundane deliberators, not decisive people of character. This 2010 election cycle has the most Veterans running for office since WW II and there is a simple reason.

America will not survive as a Nation in a world of wolves being led by sheep, it will take Lions.
Steadfast and Loyal, LTC(R) A B West

Allen West Takes the Lead over Ron Klein in New Poll

In a survey conducted by Wilson Research Strategies on April 18-19, Colonel Allen West leads Incumbent Ron Klein 44% – 42%.

West is now known by nearly 50% of the Congressional district and has a favorable to unfavorable ratio of 3-1 (23%-8%). Kleinā€™s is viewed unfavorably by nearly one-third of the district (31%) and trails West even though over 90% of the voters have heard of Klein.

For the full press release from the West campaign, CLICK HERE.

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